Tredegar’s industry-leading high performance masking films are used to protect optical films and specialty substrates used in LCD and OLED displays, as well as other specialty applications. Our unique and robust masking solutions have enabled customers to develop brighter, thinner, lighter and flexible substrate designs which will remain defect-free during the manufacturing and transportation processes.


Cover glass, Polarizer films, Display glass, Compensation films, and more….

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Augmented reality films, Automotive glass, Mini LED diffusers, Anti-glare, Anti-reflection

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Polycarbonate and PMMA films, Dry film resist (DFR), Window films, Barrier films, Thin film sensors

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Why Tredegar?

Tredegar’s masking film are well-known for lowest gels in the industry, excellent adhesion stability, and easy on/easy off without damaging smooth and textured substrates features. We have proven to be an ideal partner with a track record of delivering solutions for demanding applications in the rapidly evolving Optical Films, and Specialty Substrates.

Our Products

Tredegar Surface Protection offers a broad range of high-performance masking films to the world’s leading manufacturers of optical and specialty films and other specialty substrates that are used in display products.

Our Capabilities

Continuous improvements in technology and process upgrades allow us to stay ahead of ever-increasing quality requirements for masking films and our extensive background in process analysis and materials knowledge enable us to derive solutions to address critical technological challenges for our customers.


At Tredegar Surface Protection, we value our relationships with our partners, manufacturing highly sensitive leading edge materials to protect your technology and improve your bottom line.