Tredegar’s industry-leading high performance masking films are used to protect optical films and specialty substrates used in LCD and OLED displays, as well as other specialty applications. Our unique and robust masking solutions have enabled customers to develop brighter, thinner, lighter and flexible substrate designs which will remain defect-free during the manufacturing and transportation processes.


LCD Films

  • Cover glass
  • Polarizer films
  • LCD module glass
  • Retardation films
  • Brightness enhancing films
  • Diffuser films
  • Light guide plate
  • Reflector films


Touch Films

  • Conductive films
  • ITO on PET films
  • ITO on COP films
  • Non-ITO films


OLED, QD & Solar Films

  • Barrier films
  • OLED films
  • Circular polarizers


Specialty Films

  • Automotive display panels
  • Polycarbonate & PMMA films
  • Dry film resist (DFR)
  • Photo resist
  • Window films
  • Semi-conductor
  • Glass wafer for interleaf