Differentiating Technology
Product Development
Analytical Capabilities

Manufacturing Environment Technology Capabilities

  • ISO Class 7 (10,000) & 8 (100,000) CLEANROOM PRODUCTION

  • Regular monitoring of particle counts

  • Air showers and positive pressure control environment

  • Periodic benchmarking of airborne contamination through “patch” and “sedimentation” tests

  • Production facilities in Pottsville, PA, USA and Guangzhou, China


  • Excellent flat profile wound rolls, without tin canning, flared edges and gauge banding

  • In-line wrinkle detection

  • Capability to produce 2.8 meter wide width web

  • Capability to produce 13,800 linear meters per roll with no splices


  • Mono and three-layer matte cast coextrusion technologies

    • OSM (One Side Matte) – Matted / Embossed for ease of winding / unwinding
    • NSM (No Side Matte) – Haze <10%
    • TSM (Two Side Matte) – Both sides of film matte-finished / embossed for release from protected surfaces
  • Thinner films 20 microns and above


  • Robust fastenerless packaging design for air and sea shipments as well as easy disassembly

  • Environmentally friendly returnable and reusable packaging

Differentiating Technology


  • Adhesiveless low tack film manufacturing process

  • Adjustable adhesion tack capability with low residual residue

  • Excellent surface finish to prevent transcription damage


  • Ultra-fine filtration

  • Less than 1 gel (< 1mm) per 1,000 square meters with 95% confidence level

Detection and Characterization of Defects

  • In-line camera detection of surface flaws

  • Dark field technology to detect repeating defects

  • Reliable off-line dark room inspection capability

Product Development

Tredegar Surface Protection has a 25 year track record for providing high-quality films that protect layers of a Flat Panel Display.  As the design cycles for new smartphones and televisions have accelerated, Tredegar has expanded our research capabilities to keep pace with these markets.  The addition of a scale-up line at our research facility in Richmond, VA USA will enable our dedicated research team members to commercialize new products more rapidly.  Our research capabilities include:

Our research capabilities include:

  • Dedicated research team consisting of PhD polymer scientists and engineers

  • Surface science expertise

  • Extensive analytical and polymer characterization capabilities

  • Rapid prototyping with our dedicated pilot line and scale-up line

Analytical Capabilities

Extensive Analytical Expertise

  • Thermal analysis: DSC, TGA, DMA
  • Additive and resin analysis
  • Electron and 3D optical microscopy
  • FTIR, ATR, XPS, Raman spectroscopy
  • Surface Science: TOF-SIMS and 3D profilometry

Extensive process experience and material knowledge enabling impeccable interpretation ability