Manufacturing Environment Technology Capabilities

  • Regular monitoring of particle counts
  • Air showers and positive pressure control environment
  • Ongoing benchmarking of airborne contamination through “patch” and “sedimentation” tests
  • Production facilities in Pottsville, PA, Richmond, VA, USA, and Guangzhou, China


  • Excellent flat profile wound rolls, without tin canning, flared edges and gauge banding
  • In-line wrinkle detection
  • Capability to produce up to 2.8 meters wide web
  • Capability to produce 15,000 linear meters per roll with no splices


  • Dedicated assets to accelerate product development and increase speed to market
  • Mono and three-layer cast coextrusion technologies

    • OSM (One Side Matte) – Matted / Embossed for ease of winding / unwinding
    • TSM (Two Side Matte) – Both sides of film matte-finished/ embossed
    • Films from 20 microns to 120 microns
  • Thinner films 20 microns and above


  • Robust fastenerless packaging design for air and sea shipments as well as easy disassembly
  • Environmentally friendly returnable and reusable packaging

Differentiating Technology


  • Adhesiveless low tack film manufacturing process
  • Adjustable adhesion tack capability with low residual residue
  • Excellent surface finish to prevent transcription damage


  • Ultra-fine filtration
  • Less than 1 gel (< 1mm) per 1,000 square meters with 95% confidence level

Detection and Characterization of Defects

  • In-line camera detection of surface flaws
  • Dark field technology to detect repeating defects
  • Reliable off-line dark room inspection capability

Product Development

Tredegar Surface Protection has a 25-year track record for providing high-quality films that protect layers of a Flat Panel Display. Additionally, we provide tapes for semiconductor die singulation and carrier applications. As the design cycles in the electronics industry have accelerated, Tredegar has expanded our research capabilities to advance these markets. The addition of a scale-up line at our research facility in Richmond, VA USA enables our dedicated research team members to commercialize new products more rapidly.

Our research capabilities include:

  • Rapid prototyping with our dedicated pilot and scale-up lines
  • Dedicated research team consisting of PhD polymer scientists and engineers
  • Surface science expertise
  • Extensive analytical and polymer characterization capabilities

Analytical Capabilities

Physical Property Characterization:

  • Mechanical: Strength, Elongation, Density, Basis Weight, Compressibility, Resilience, Free Shrinkage and Adhesion
  • Optical: Haze, Gloss, Opacity, and Transmission
  • Surface: CoF, Contact Angle, and Free Energy
  • Extended Use: Moisture, Thermal Aging, and Weathering

Extensive Analytical Expertise:

  • Thermal analysis: DSC and TGA
  • Rheological analysis: MFI, DMA, and DOR
  • Additive and resin analysis
  • Electron, Raman, IR and 3D optical microscopy
  • FTIR, ATR, XPS, Raman, and UV-VIS spectroscopy
  • Surface Science: TOF-SIMS and 3D profilometry
  • Trace Analysis: GC-MS, LC-MS, HPLC, ICP-MS, and ICP-OES

Extensive process experience and material knowledge enabling impeccable interpretation ability

Blown Film

Three (3) Blown HDPE Lines

  • Ultra-thin yet Strong and Capable Film
  • HMW-HDPE high stalk process enables down-gauging while providing the stiffness, flexibility and sealing properties needed for packaging.
  • MD orientation in the “stalk” balances properties and increases the strength.
  • Thin A-B-C co-ex structures match heavier conventional films.
  • Full circumference gauge profile and control.
  • Gravimetric blending, corona treatment, Surface/Layon pressure control winding.
  • Approximately 6,500 Metric Ton HD Annual Capacity including newly added Line 505.

Four (4) Blown LDPE Lines

  • Mono and Coex Capability
  • Circumference gauge profile and control
  • Gravimetric blending and corona treatment
  • Capable of up to 80” width in size.

Two (2) Cast Polypropylene Lines

  • Two main types of Cast Films Produced:

      • Flat Cast – “Smooth/Glass-like” Surface

    Matte Finish – Surface Enhancement

  • Thickness range of 1.0 to 10 mil (20.3-101.6 цm)
  • 24” to 87” wide (5.08-220 cm)
  • Up to 40” OD (101.6 cm)
  • Auto-profile gauging and control
  • Gravimetric blending
  • 6,000 MT Annual Capacity